About Dilip Yadava

About Dilip Yadava

Dilip Yadava, currently the Chairman of Sweet Industries India Pvt Ltd., is the mind behind the mettle of the company, as he has been for all these years. He is a veritable stalwart in the fields of business and commodity, and those who have had the privilege of working with him can wholeheartedly testify to his excellence. Bringing vast experience to the table, both as a businessman and a financial master, he will be the first to tell you that every success is a journey of patience and dedication.


He started his foray into the world of business in the Brokerage divisions of agro-commodities and stock markets back in 1971 and proudly founded Sweet Industries India Pvt. Ltd. in 1983 from the ground up. From the very first day, he was involved in all aspects of the company, from the foundations to the machinery, and has seen his brainchild grow into a behemoth in the Indian packaging industry.


Dilip is a veteran of the cutthroat world of FMCG, and he strongly believes that the market raises its bar every single day – you have to keep up with it or get left behind. Having himself fought and bettered competition, his ideals for being successful today are simple, yet effective beyond measure – a strong professional network and the highest priority that you can give to your end-product.


40 years of experience teaches you immeasurable lessons, and these go a long way in shaping Dilip’s work ethic. The competition in the industry comes and goes with time, but maintaining impeccable standards of quality is something that he has dedicated himself to at the company since the very beginning. Despite the challenges brought along by the COVID-19 pandemic, he sees the company growing past these hurdles, and achieving its targets for the future. He aims to see the company grow steadily with time to transform itself into a multinational company in the near future – a goal that doesn’t seem too far out with someone like Dilip Yadava at the helm and Bhavesh Yadava by his side.

  • Business stalwart in commodity
  • Vast experience
  • Financial master (number crunching)
  • Started in Brokerage Division of agro-commodities and stock markets
  • Began in 1971
  • Founded Sweet Industries India Pvt. Ltd. in 1983 from the ground up
  • Involved in everything, from the foundations to machinery, from the very beginning
  • Currently Chairman, looks after finance
  • Believes that the market raises its bar every single day
  • There’s always competition, always have a strong network and give the highest priority to your end-product
  • Hope to grow steadily and transform into a multi-national company